Introducing Git

Git is a revision control system developed by Linus Torvalds. it is capable of distributed working with the ability to support collaboration between multiple developers and teams. It is lightweight, robust, widely used and supported and, perhaps most important, open source and free.

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Autumn 2021 Contest Results

Results Tables for UKMARS Autumn 2021 Results for Half Size Line Follower Senior Final Mouse Contestant Score Magellan Ian Butterworth 9.720 Tinymouse Stephen Pithouse 17.335 PicoBot David Hannaford 23.018 Results for Half Size Maze Solver Senior Final Mouse Contestant Score ThumperT2 Derek Hall 17.000 Results for Line Follower Junior Final…

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MINOS 2021

The annual micromouse and robotics conference in the UK - MINOS - was once again a virtual event because of the Covid regulations in place at the moment. If you missed it, here is a summary of the presentations and links to the videos. Copies of the slides will be…

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UKMARSBOT Mazerunner

The UKMARSBOT robot was designed from the start to be a good training robot for aspiring micromouse developers. In this month's presentation, Peter Harrison describes some of the important considerations and features needed in the code that controls a micromouse. All the code that is described can be downloaded from…

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Bluetooth LE

You will have heard of Bluetooth. You will almost certainly have also heard of Bluetooth LE (BLE). Ever wondered about the difference? Want to know more? In this months online meeting, Rob Probin gives a bit of background on Bluetooth, describes some of the features of BLE, tells us how…

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