UKMARS is the United Kingdom Micromouse and Robotics Society.

UKMARS is an organisation focused on encouraging Micromouse and and other robotics both in the UK and internationally and anyone, anywhere, can become a member for a £25 yearly fee. This is used to help arrange events and ensure that competitions happen. UKMARS is a members society governed by a constitution that has been accepted by the members. UKMARS also has a data protection policy.

Information held by the society is restricted to name and email address. You will be added to a mailing list with relatively low traffic, and get informed directly of new events, involved in questions about UKMARSbot and other initiatives, and be able to talk to other members.

This site is designed to present information on UKMARS and to pool information from UKMARS members for the benefit of everyone.

Join UKMARS by emailing (Remove the spaces): treasurer @

Where can I find more information?

Apart from the posts on this site, you should take a look at the following locatios. Lots of information, including UKMARS MINOS videos – maintained by one of our members

Our GitHub Page

There is a UKMARS Facebook page (Note: This is page not a group).

UKMARS members get access to the members email list – great place to get advice, discuss ideas.

Another great site managed by one of our members: – there is also a definitive maze files list at:

UKMARS Constitution

The society has a constitution describing it’s objectives which can be downloaded from here: