UKMARSBOT Mazerunner

The UKMARSBOT robot was designed from the start to be a good training robot for aspiring micromouse developers. In this month’s presentation, Peter Harrison describes some of the important considerations and features needed in the code that controls a micromouse. All the code that is described can be downloaded from Github and is free for anyone to use and modify for their own robot.

The code is complete in the sense that it will allow a standard UKMARSBOT robot to navigate its way around a maze, solve for the shortest route and then run that route.

At the end of the presentation, you can see an example the code running on Dorothy – an ordinary UKMARSBOT – in a small classic micromouse maze.

The code is a work in progress and so is subject to change. You will need to study the documentation and comments before running it in your own robot since there will inevitably be physical differences from one robot to the next.