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UKMARS is an organisation focused on encouraging Micromouse and and other robotics both in the UK and internationally and anyone can become a member.

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With the evolving circumstance arising from the Coronavirus outbreak our future events are kept under constant review. Please revisit this page to find out the current status of our programme of events

The 2020 Virtual Line Follower Contest details are here:

Results videos are available on Facebook here:

News and events

Hazlemere 2020

Following  the recent changes to the law on social gatherings it is clear that we will not be able to go ahead with our planned events at Hazlemere scheduled for 10th October. The venue booking has been postponed until next year. The new scheduled date is 2nd October 2021.


This year we will hold our AGM by videoconference on Saturday 10th October replacing the planned competition. Papers for the AGM and information on time and joining instructions will follow shortly. Any thoughts, suggestions and ideas on how we can get more activities safely underway or do any of the things mentioned here better, please let us know or table them for the AGM.

2020 Minos Conference

The new changes relating to gatherings may or may not still be in force during November. Even so, we have decided that it is no longer possible to go ahead with the conventional Minos event on November 14th and 15th 2020. We are not abandoning Minos this year, instead we will have a shorter videoconference event on the weekend of the 14th November, again more details will follow.

It would be good to have talks/demonstrations lasting up to 20 minutes maximum, so please start thinking now about a topic you can present.

Virtual Events

We are really keen to give new robot builders the chance to run their robots and to show everyone how they are getting on. We are planning to put together the chance for people to post videos onto the UKMARS site of their robots running on tracks and awarding medals to those that can complete a challenge.

It is difficult for builders to gain experience of running on competition size tracks and mazes so we will be trialling a pre-printed line follower track. Duncan has designed this and sourced a supplier, he will be buying one copy and UKMARS will be purchasing a second copy. Initially the UKMARS copy will be shipped to David to use with the KES students that built robots and never got the chance to run them. After this the track will be posted to other members on request, the person that has the track will be responsible for posting it on to the next person. We will prioritise requests for student and school groups.

2021 Minos and UK Micromouse Contest.

Because there is likely to be some uncertainty over the availability of facilities at Birmingham City University, we have decided to combine Minos with the UK Micromouse Contest in 2021. This combined event will now take place on 19-20 June 2021 at the Quality Hotel, Coventry.

Find out more about MINOS here


A simple beginner’s multi purpose robot platform.

UKMARS are creating a basic robot design that can be used in a variety of common contests such as line following, wall following, drag race. The robot is constructed using inexpensive and readily available materials, components and techniques.

See current progress on github


Past events

2019 Autumn Competition

U.K Micromouse and Robotics Society Autumn Competition was held Saturday October 12th, 2019. at Hazlemere Community Centre.

There were competitions for the drag race, line follower, classic micromouse (maze solver), half Size micromouse and wall following contests with both junior (schools) and senior competitors. Thanks to all who attended and made it a great day.

* See the Results and find out more here

2019 UK Micromouse

The UK main UK competition held in conjunction with BCU (Birmingham City University) on Saturday 1st June 2019.

See the Results and find out more here

2019 Minos Conference 19th annual MINOS conference was held on 6th and 7th April 2019 at the Quality Hotel in Coventry, U.K.
A great range of topics were covered by our contributors with informal contests for robots held on the Sunday.
Find out more here

2018 Autumn Competition

The Autumn Competition was held on the 13/10/18 at Hazlemere Community Centre HP15 7UB.
A full programme of contests was held including: Maze Solving, Line Following, Wall Following and Drag Racing.
For the first time in the UK half size mice were seen running in a purpose built half size maze.

2018 UK Micromouse

Links and Resources

Robot Builders Resources

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