UK Micromouse and Robotics Society

UKMARS is an organisation focused on encouraging Micromouse and other robotics competitions, in the UK and internationally. Anyone can become a member.

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The Fastest Maze Solving Competition on Earth
This video from the Veritasium channel on YouTube looks at the history and current state of the micromouse contest. It features contributions from UKMARS members, and long-time micromouse contestants, Peter Harrison, David Otten and Derek Hall

Veritasium video about the history and current state of Micromouse

Minos Conference Competition Results.

You can find out more about the Minos conference here:

Autumn Competition – Hazlemere, High Wycombe – Contest Results

You can see the results for all the contests hereAutumn 2023 Contest Results

The National Micromouse Competition on 1st July 2023

Our main competitionon 1st of July in Worcester delivered another great day of competitions you can see the results

  • Monthly Virtual Robot meeting – First Thursday of every month

News and events

MINOS 2023 – Fantastic sharing of information!

We held our annual MINOS conference Saturday 29th April in STEAMhouse Birmingham. We will add more details shortly, but the the conference programme for that event is here minos-conference-2023

Spring Competition 2023 – The Results are in!

On 18 March 2023 we held our Spring Competition in STEAMhouse Birmingham. A great day of contests and some stunning times delivered.

See the results here spring-2023-contest-results

Autumn Competition 2022

We had a great day in Hazlemere at our Autumn Competition with many new robots to entertain us, thanks to everyone that helped with the day.

Results from the contests can be found here: Autumn 2022 Contest Results

Summer Competition 2022

The annual summer competition for 2022 was held on the 25th June 2022 at STEAMhouse, Birmingham City University, Millennium Point. A complete programme of competitions enjoyed by UKMARS members junior robot builders from school’s clubs and visitors to the BCU open day.

See the results and a gallery of pictures.

Minos Conference 2022

Our 2022 Minos Conference was held on the 2nd and 3rd April at Birmingham City University. A full programme of demonstrations and presentations on the Saturday followed by a complete programme of competitions on the Sunday enjoyed by UKMARS members, BCU staff and junior robot builders from a local school.

The presentations from the conference can be seen here Minos 2022 Presentations and you can see the results here Minos 2022 Competition Results

Past Events

Read all about our earlier events here Past Events


A simple beginner’s multi purpose robot platform.

UKMARS are creating a basic robot design that can be used in a variety of common contests such as line following, wall following, drag race. The robot is constructed using inexpensive and readily available materials, components and techniques.

See current progress on github


Links and Resources

Robot Builders Resources

  • We have a whole section packed with useful links to online suppliers and resources
    Have a look.

Some starter robot projects

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