Duncan’s maze search and solve techniques.

If you are still not sure how to go about searching a micromouse maze and solving it to get an optimal route, this month’s talk from Duncan Louttit may provide some answers.

Duncan has been working for many years with small robots and he has many interesting ideas on how to go about dealing with many of the problems encountered. Most notably, for the micromouse event, the robot must search the maze until it has found the goal and then persuaded itself that it has found the best route from start to goal.

In this expanded version of a presentation from last year’s Minos conference, Duncan explains the algorithm used in his robot. While similar to some others, he has some useful thoughts on keeping the process simple and compact for use in small microprocessors. In particular, I believe his method for generating the list of commands needed to execute a speed run may be unique.

Have a look at the recording of his talk which was given at the February 2021 monthly meeting of UKMARS. I am sure he would be only too happy to answer questions.