UK Micromouse Time Trials Rules April 2019


Wall followers and Maze Solvers are both able to compete in this event. The aim is to test the speed, acceleration, cornering and directional control of ‘mice’ on a known course, under ideal conditions, and to complete the circuit in the fastest time possible.

The Time Trials Track

  • The track will be laid out on a micromouse maze base, and will be the outermost rectangle of 60 cells (for a 16×16 maze) or 40 cells (for a 11×11 maze), fully bounded by walls on each side, using standard micromouse walls and posts.
  • A lap-timer may be used to measure successive passes of the mouse in a clockwise direction through the start gate, which will be at the exit from a corner cell.

The Time Trials Competition

  • Wall followers shall normally be restricted to Non-Contact – i.e. the wallfollower uses non-contact sensors as its means of tracking the left-hand wall, and of sensing when to turn.
  • At the discretion of the Judges, and after all other entrants have competed, contact wall-follower may be allowed to compete. The judges may prevent a wall-follower from competing if it is anticipated that it may damage the maze.
  • Mice may normally run only 1 session, consisting of a maximum of 3 minutes or 5 laps, subject to judge’s ruling. Multiple sessions may be permitted if time allows.
  • Adjustments may be allowed during a session, or between sessions. Slow mice may be asked to retire.
  • The judges reserve the right to make changes to any of the above in the interest of fair play and sportsmanship, and to ensure that all competitors have an enjoyable competition. In the event of ambiguity, the judges’ interpretation of any clauses of the rules shall prevail.