UKMARS has a number of active projects relating to micromouse and small robot competitions

These projects are all available for you to examine and build for yourself

Maze Timer

The maze timer is suitable for all of the maze based challenges including micromouse, wall following and time trials


Using inexpensive, easy to find parts, this robot needs only basic skills. Good for line following, wall following, drag race, mini-sumo and even micromouse maze solving.

Maze Building

If you are going to build a micromouse that runs in a maze then you will want to build your own maze for practice.

Sensor Blaster

The Sensor Blaster is a simple device that emits pulses of light strong enough to interfere with maze timer sensors. It is used to test the timers and could be useful for testing micromouse sensors as well.

Line Follower Timer

The line following and drag race challenges need a different kind of timing gate than the maze. These are generally gantry-style systems.

Latest Project Posts

Latest Project Posts

UKMARSBOT Mazerunner

The UKMARSBOT robot was designed from the start to be a good training robot for aspiring micromouse developers. In this month’s presentation, Peter Harrison describes …
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