Techfest 2018

TechFest 2018 and UK Micromouse was hosted by UKMARS and Birmingham City University (BCU) at Millennium Point, Birmingham, UK. on Saturday 9 June 2018. Competitions hosted were: Line follower Drag Race Micromouse Non-Contact Wall Follower (Junior and Senior) Maze Solver (Junior, Intermediate and Senior) Time Trail BCU YouTube Video of…

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Autumn 2019 Results

Maze Solver Senior Final Pos Robot Name Score Run Contestant Name 1 Decimus 5A 4670 4670 Peter Harrison 2 FAB1 11960 11960 Derek Hall 3 MouseX2 15050 15050 Derek Hall 4 PicOne 34170 34170 Jim Chidley 5 Kaasjager 109430 109430 Coen Roos - PicOne Turbo Jim Chidley - MouseX Derek…

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UKMARS New Website

Welcome to the new UKMARS website. I hope that it will provide a more flexible environment to display news, views and information for and about UKMARS. Any member is welcome to request authorship accounts so that they can directly help support and grow our work.

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