Spring 2023 Contest Results

Another great day of contests on Saturday 18 March 2023 in STEAMhouse Birmingham.Some photos of the event will be posted soon and here are the results of the contests on the day. You can see all the run times recorded on the day here: Spring2023AllRunsReport.pdf

Results Tables for UKMARS Spring 2023

Results for Drag Race Junior Final

MilleniumPointMax Bayliss2.875
GBGeorge Bower28.322

Results for Drag Race Senior Final

MissileBernard Grabowski1.496
RedlineChris Balmforth1.833

Results for Half Size Line Follower Junior Final

s.a.mRichard Louttit12.959
SSLRisi De Silva12.968
LightningMcSJulian Lenczewski13.930
MilleniumPointMax Bayliss15.732
HMHugo Murray19.585
WarPigRobert Hall19.979
R1bertsLorenzo Salisbury25.213
R0bertsMax Bai25.885
TigerAkshaj Sharma28.170
GBGeorge Bower29.690
Virat KohliArjun Vadgama30.616

Results for Half Size Line Follower Senior Final

TestLineFollowSimon Clapson8.715
BozBernard Grabowski9.444
AkiliSimon Clapson9.779
MagellanIan Butterworth9.865
SA15John Fisher11.764
Monty PiNeil Stevenson15.123
Pi30Chris Balmforth15.227
WILFDuncan Louttit18.898
UKMARSPythonDavid Hannaford30.280

Results for Half Size Wall Follower Senior Final

SatsumaBernard Grabowski11.500
Half MontyNeil Stevenson125.000

Results for Line Follower Junior Final

SSLRisi De Silva22.915
s.a.mRichard Louttit30.331
MilleniumPointMax Bayliss33.224
LightningMcSJulian Lenczewski44.051
Virat KohliArjun Vadgama45.811
HHHussain Hamdani49.815
GBGeorge Bower62.277

Results for Line Follower Senior Final

ZosterBernard Grabowski13.359
TestLineFollowSimon Clapson15.610
RedlineChris Balmforth18.741
AsymouseIan Butterworth19.702
MagellanIan Butterworth22.942
RadiusKen Hewitt27.326
Monty PiNeil Stevenson42.363
UKMARSPythonDavid Hannaford60.812
UKMARSDashDavid Hannaford63.089

Results for Maze Solver Senior Final

AsymouseIan Butterworth13.030
MontyMouseNeil Stevenson54.560

Results for Non Contact Wall Follower Senior Final

OrangeBernard Grabowski14.630
AsymouseIan Butterworth15.030
SchnorbitzKen Hewitt19.820
StarFireRob Probin25.750
MagellanIan Butterworth30.590
FredaIan Butterworth35.520
Toby5Ian Robinson55.760
UKMARSBoundDavid Hannaford87.730
Half MontyNeil Stevenson210.260