Minos 2024 Annual Conference Ipswich

Our Minos annual conference was held at St Alban’s Catholic High School, Digby Road Ipswich IP4 3NJ on the 16 and 17 March 2024, with a micro-mouse competition on Sunday 17th.

Another great conference with informative presentations and an exciting day of robot contests.

You can see the results here: https://ukmars.org/2024/03/minos-spring-2024-contest-results/

We will shortly be publishing videos of the presentations.

If you have a suggestion for a session or subject for discussion, get in touch with me and I will fit you in to the schedule. If there is something you would like a session for, but do not feel qualified to talk about, I can try and find a speaker to deliver it.

We can also consider remote presentations if you cannot get to Ipswich on the day.

Some subject area ideas in no particular order:

Software tips and tricks
Project organisation
Control techniques
Circuit ideas
Construction techniques
Robot design
Hardware hacking
UKMARSBOT adaptations

I am sure you can think of many others. Don’t be shy. MINOS is probably the most friendly and receptive conference you will attend.