Robots Club – DC Motor Driver Techniques

This month Peter Harrison will be presenting our focus topic “DC Motor Driver Techniques”. Many members will have enjoyed Peter’s previous presentations on Feed Forward and PD controllers, we can expect some more gems from Peter to help us to drive our robots accurately.

We do seem to have a lot of irons in the fire at the moment and it is important to keep up to date so we will have brief updates on current activities but we will need to keep these to 5 minutes for each item so we can still be awake for Peter’s presentation!

Our outline Agenda is:

  1. Updates on current activities:
    • Future focus topics
    • Line follower rules
    • Pi Pico based UKMARSBOT
    • Competition maze walls and posts
    • Summer competition
    • Megacon Live
  2. Focus topic: DC Motor Driver Techniques – Peter Harrison
  3. Members updates
  4. AOB

Members will receive the joining details by email.